Liquid Chalk Markers vs. Regular Traditional Chalk: What’s the Difference?

Texture First, the primary difference between regular chalk and liquid chalk markers is the texture. Formulated from gypsum or calcite, traditional chalk has a dry, dusty, and powdery texture. On the other hand, Chalk markers, feature a smooth, liquid texture made from pigment-based ink. Chalk markers produce more vivid and brilliant and opaque lines.
Erasure When erase, chalk sticks may leave a cloudy, dusty trail, due to their powder-based construction. Chalk markers are easier to clean up. This is due to their liquid formulation.
Usage One of the greatest differences between traditional chalk and chalk markers is the surfaces you can use them on. For example, chalk sticks specially made for chalkboards. Chalk markers can be used on all chalkboard surfaces in addition to non-porous surfaces, including: Glass, Windows, Ceramics, Whiteboards, Plastic, Metal You can also use markers on paper and cloth but remember that whatever you write or draw will be permanent. That said, liquid chalk can be used on almost every surface. Overall, Benefits of Liquid Chalk Markers DUSTLESS VIBRANT VERSATILE EASY TO CORRECT

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