What are chalk Marker?

What are chalk markers?

Liquid Chalk marker is highly pigment, opaque bright colors.Dustless, Non-toxic, can be used as a pen, to replace the old-school, dusty white sticks of chalk.These markers work on all non-porous surfaces including glass, plastic, chalkboard, whiteboard, blackboard, metal; so the creative possibilities are endless!

How to use chalk marker?

  1. Hold the marker diagonally, with the cap on, and start shaking.
  2. On a flat surface, press the tip in and release. Repeat until the tip fills up with ink. It usually takes around 20-40 pumps.
  3. Start drawing!

How to erase chalkboard markers?

If the marker write on non-porous chalkboard, use wet wipe to erase, very easy.

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